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In 2018, I completed a Master in 3D Animation at the University Pompeu Fabra.  I have learned how to make an animated feature, from concept phase ( character design, environment design...), production ( 3D modelling, lighting,  texturing and shading, Rigging, 3D animation ) to post-production. I have a great knowledge of the making of an animated piece as we, as a team of 6 people, have realised and produced a short movie called Aazar. I also worked as a concept and 3D artist in a brilliant production company called Trizz. I have learned to use the software Cinema4D and render engine Octane, in order to produce stills and animations for the conception of very creative projects. 


3D MODELling

I have learnt 3D modelling at the Southern Californian Institute of Architecture, in Los Angeles. I model simple to sophisticated shapes, using professional softwares such as Maya Autodesk, Rhinoceros or, for architectural projects, Revit.  For more info : clic here

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During my professional experience at aLL Design, in London, I have perfected my skills in realistic renderings. I use softwares such as 3DS Max or Cinema4D, and I work on post-production with Adobe Photoshop. Here are some examples ! For more info : clic here



My speciality is concept art. Exploring new ideas, new concepts, looking at references in literature, philosophy, cinema or other visual arts. My thesis was based on the relations of cinema-environment and body-imagination. I like to search for new possibilities, new languages and new narratives.The design of each element of the project was conceived in digital three-dimensional space and then reproduced and rendered by hand and then re-processed digitally. I often combine many different medias, mixing digital and hand drawing in order to best illustrate how the building would work and how the residents and community might experience the spaces and architectural forms. If you are interested in collaborating on a project with me, clic here  



I have been actively involved in Academia since 2010, organizing workshops on digital and hand made drawings and summer schools in Universities such as the Architecture Association, the Bartlett School of Architecture or Oxford Brookes in the UK . Last year, I was running a 2d-3rd year units at the Greenwich University and I also gave lectures in several universities in the UK such has Sheffield University or Brighton University... My approach to teaching is based on design, drawings and making. I help each student to incorporate in their work a strong understanding of context (physical, cultural...), an approach to space based on narrative and haptic and sensorial experiences and the production of a unique visual language through drawings, models and films. Here are some teaching experiences. For more info : clic here